Relatively Close…Florida to Wisconsin or Arcturus..maybe even Baltimore

So there I was, speed set at a reliable 70, cruising back to Wisconsin. 1370 miles of butt squashing joy. It seemed soooo long, next time I’d fly, cover the distance at 550 mph instead. Then again, at least I wasn’t coming from Arcturus, the fourth brightest star in the night sky.  More than 6 BILLION years old, the famed red giant star is “relatively close” astronomically, only 36.7 light years away, a mere 220 TRILLION miles. Let’s see, at 70 mph and $2.60 a gallon….

As overwhelming as the scope of the universe and the multitude of stars can be, their significance/symbolism strikes me as simple and very much down to earth. Relative to our short lives, they are everlasting, immutable, constant, and always true — don’t they teach us enduring existence is majestic, precious and awe inspiring? Don’t they suggest we should be humble and insightful enough to understand life needs be preserved whenever possible and in every form for the relatively few moments granted us? Isn’t that the greatest we can accomplish?  Isn’t that the primary standard by which everything must be judged?

Baltimore thug or police officer, Muslim fanatic, soldier, Congressman, President, Iranian scientist or drone operator– all should be judged by the simplest, most basic standard: do their WORDS AND ACTIONS promote the preservation of life or incite and ease its taking. Are they worthy of our praise or our scorn, and how are we complicit?


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